5 generations united in one passion: wood

Legno Camuna, a leading company in the field of wooden roofs, operates mainly in Valle Camonica, in the province of Brescia and Bergamo, but there are numerous coverings made throughout Lombardia and Piemonte.


In Paul Scheuermeier's book entitled “La Lombardia dei contadini (1920-1932)” (Lombardy of the peasants) it is said that the authors, in the days when they stopped on the plateau of Borno (located in the middle Valle Camonica), identified as guide and informer Pietro Poma born in year 1871, sawyer from the age of seven, known by the people of the mountain village as an excellent worker and later known as a benevolent owner towards his employees.


His son, Pietro Poma too, was born in 1901 and was the father of thirteen children. He worked, as a sawyer too, in Borno and for a short time in Darfo Boario Terme, at the bottom of the valley, in a sawmill where, due to the Second World War bombing, he lost his home; so he returned to work in Borno where he lived the rest of his life.

Palmiro Poma born in 1933, son of Pietro Poma, in 1963 he moved to Cividate Camuno, in the middle of Valle Camonica, buying a sawmill with two brothers. The following year he sold his share in favour of one of his brothers and returned to his beloved Borno, still working in the sawmill for several years as an employee. The re-established sawmill in Cividate Camuno takes the name of "Fratelli Poma" and from 1964 until the end of the 70s it was modernized relentlessly to become one of the largest sawmills in Valle Camonica.

At the beginning of the 80s some unfortunate events brought Fratelli Poma to the closure, thus put an end to a life of work and sacrifice. However the people and customers who knew and respected the Poma brothers, still remembers them for their honesty and great ability and professionalism in carrying out their work.


In 1977 Palmiro Poma opened a new sawmill in Borno which over the years has worked with professionalism and speed of service, continuously improving: "Legno Camuna S.r.l." is born and it is in this reality that Piergiuseppe Poma is formed.

Born in 1964, Piergiuseppe, son of Palmiro Poma, in 1992 gave life to Legno Camuna, firmly focusing on the construction of wooden roofs with the aim of placing the qualitative aspect first in relation to the quantity of the creations. Thanks to the passion and constant commitment of the owner and collaborators Legno Camuna quickly became a solid reality in the world of wooden structures.

Today the company is led by Piergiuseppe with the help of his son Fabio.