The great innovation and the oldest material reunite man with nature for perfect harmony.

Why choose wood?

Choosing a house built in wood means living in a pure and healthy place.
Wood exudes charm, is solid and long-lasting, for this reason we design and build innovative and bio-oriented wooden constructions.
Every day we transform your desires into living spaces because for us building houses is... natural!

Live well, live healthy.
Leading company in construction and wooden structures introduce a new and more advanced concept of living.

Living in a Legno Camuna house is not only a safe and sustainable choice, but above all it means to join a rediscovered comfort of "living well", choosing healthy and natural environments for your home.
All the materials used are from northern European forests, certified and of superior quality.
Live the nature.
Legno Camuna Case reunites man with nature, skilfully combining the most modern engineering technology with an ancient and noble material such as wood.

The wooden buildings are highly breathable but insulated, both thermally and acoustically, in order to always enjoy the right atmosphere in the house, cool in summer and warm in winter. Always clean and pure air and lots of relaxation ideal for the whole family.
Class A in efficiency and savings.
The bio-climatic and heat-insulating qualities of wood allow savings of 40-50% by limiting the heating and air conditioning costs of your home to a minimum.

The construction technique called "a secco" of Legno Camuna Case, allows you to have a dry structure capable of exercising a powerful action of regulating the humidity and temperature of the building which will be comfortable and able to produce, thanks to the high insulating power, an unthinkable saving on the energy bill.
Protected as in a hug.
A wooden structure fully satisfies the requirements of design and construction safety, strength, lightness and anti-seismic resistance.

Low mass, flexible and deformable structure are peculiarities of the wood that allow easy repair, testing and maintenance. Furthermore, in order to burn significantly, wood requires a very long time, thanks to which the innermost layers are protected, allowing early safe intervention.
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Customization and versatility made in Italy

Each of our buildings is unique because it is always personalized. We specialize in the construction of made-to-measure wooden constructions of all kinds, transforming your ideas, even the most daring ones, into reality. We use the most advanced construction technologies in the field of green building.

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